Fascicles, Volume Two
Em Press
Mill Valley, CA
ISBN 0-96320085-5-1
[16] unbound sheets, 13 x 18 cm.
Numbered edition of 195

Bundle, bunch, cluster, tuft. Of muscle,
fibre, nerve. Leaves, flowers, roots,
growing closely from one point.
Printing in installments.
Emily Dickinson’s poem cache,
found in bundles, ribbon-tied.

Fifteen small broadsides of poems by Merle Lyn Bachman, Margaret Butterfield, Catalina Cariaga, Gillian Conoley, Frances Jaffer, Susan Gevirtz, Brenda Hillman, Jen Hofer, Laura Mullen, Elizabeth Robinson, Jaime Robles, Rena Rosenwasser, Cole Swensen, H.T.[Heather Thomas]., and Robin Tremblay-McGraw.

Centaur & Castellar digital types, Rives de Lin cotton & linen paper, Mikado cotton & rayon ribbon
Letterpress printed from photopolymer plates on a Vandercook SP15
Designed & printed by Dale Going
[8 colors of ink]