Unseen Stream001
Unseen stream
Jaime Robles
Artwork by Adam Broner
Em Press Poetry Pamphlet Series
Em Press
Mill Valley, CA
ISBN 1-889589-01-2
[16] p., 6.5 x 4.75
Numbered letterpress edition of 100
signed by the author & the artist,
with one of four drawings
hand water-colored by the artist

Jaime Robles' poem traces elemental fluencies as two lovers follow the unseen stream that flows beneath their city, a stream… hidden between fenced yards, / a blind of trees, under asphalt, along sewers, cables, / wires and roots. Sightless as a worm. / / ... blood under the skin. The lovers course the cold, sinuous flow of undercurrent by scent and pulse, more liquid than tidal ocean / ... more numerous than voices.

Drawings and a watercolor by Adam Broner depict fluidity in the veins of leaves and hands, in the water pouring from a kitchen tap, a cup of coffee.

Designed by Jaime Robles. Series design by Dale Going. Artwork by Adam Broner. Printed by Jaime Robles and Dale Going with assistance from Carol Snow and Adam Broner. Photopolymer plates of Minion digital type and drawings by Adam Broner are letterpress printed in black ink. One of the drawings is hand-colored by the artist. Lana laid text paper and Fabriano Ingres end sheets in a blood-dark wine color are sewn into Fabriano Tiziano covers in a foliar green.

Jaime Robles is the editor/publisher of Five Fingers Review and Woodland Editions. She founded ROOMS magazine and was a founding member of Five Trees Press and the literary editor of the artist Sam Francis's The Lapis Press. She is a poet, teacher, music critic, blogger, book artist and designer in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she alsoiwrites librettos and performs collaborations of her poetry with musicians. Her chamber opera, Inferno, with music by Peter Josheff, based on the story of Paolo and Francesca from Dante’s Commedia, received its world premiere on June 17, 2009 with the San Francisco Cabaret Opera. Her latest book is Anime Animus Anime.