Unbound and Under Covers :
Experiments in Visual Writing
June 8-July 27, 2003
Berkeley Art Center
Berkeley, California

Curated by Jaime Robles
Work by Betsy Davids
Marie Carbone and Dale Going
Susan E. King
Lisa Kokin
Stephen Ratcliffe
Jaime Robles
Teague Soderman
Indigo Som
Meredith Stricker

Catalogue of the exhibit includes notes and exhibition list from the preceding show
'Livres de poètes (femmes),' June 2000
at the Berkeley Art Center

Catalogue cover quotes in italics are from poems by Dale Going

Work by Marie Carbone and Dale Going consisted of a dozen framed broadsides of poems & collages from Aerial Perception, accompanied by audio recordings of the poems read by Dale Going with musical interludes composed and performed by Marie Carbone, and an unbound copy of the book in a case constructed by Victoria Heifner.